Fix in Javascript

Fix in Javascript

JavaScript | Node.js | JQuery| mootools | YUI library | Prototype | dojo & more

Whether it’s HTML5, Mobile or Web Application, JavaScript will always come along. We work with JS all day and so know inside out of it. Be it fixing up a Joomla extension with a JS issue or a Word Press JS conflict or implementing a JS library.

At Web-Mafia Web services, we’ve probably encountered your issue before—or at least done something similar—and can save your time it would take to solve without any help. Web-Mafia Web services help you get your focus back to developing interactive web applications that engage with your audience and leverage the advantages outsourcing all JavaScript worries to us.

We can help you with:

  • Design, Develop & Integration of JS Library
  • JavaScript optimization
  • Consulting & selection of proper JavaScript frameworks for your project
  • Quickest turn-around time to troubleshoot your JavaScript problem

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